Efilog Logistics

About Efilog Logistics

The main objective for Efilog is to provide the ability for the companies to grow by outsourcing their e commerce supply chain, and focus on their business development.

E commerce logistic needs may be different from one company to another; Efilog fits your need e commerce logistic.

E commerce logistic services provided by Efilog are :

  1.     Reception products suppliers
  2.     Stocks Management

    Orders picking
    Interface between our WMS* and e-commerce websites

* Warehouse Management Systems

Logistics Key Figures :

    Created in 2009
    15 employees
    11 900 m² in logistics surface areas, located at la Flèche, Bazouges and le Lude (near Le Mans) in France.

Shipping providers :

Contact us :
ZI Ouest
18 rue frères Chappe
72200 La Flèche – F
+ 33 253 26 00 02
E-mail : contact@efilog.com